We have moved to St Paul's 2013/02/01
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We are offering our UK customers to benefit from local services and cost-effective products directly supplied from the tech-haven Taiwan, so that you can maximize your return of investment. The use of our products is unlimited. Whether you look to showcase or advertise your product, make a splash at a trade show or conference, add some magic to your venue, bar or restaurant, or well just about anything else you can image. Have a look at case studies and other examples of these things in action. Introducing interactiveAd's products InterAD is an interactive projection solution that adopts Advanced Motion Identification Technology (AMIT) to detect the gestures of human body through a tracking camera. We are sure that you will find use for interactive floor, wall, window or table solutions. Key Features- • Suits a huge number of locations, shapes, and environments • Comes with over 100 templates, all free of charge • Templates can be customised with ease for immediate use (no need to understand programming) • The open software development kit(SDK) allows users with Flash Programming knowledge to create their own templates • Remote control provided • Unlimited lifetime license includes software updates for 1 year • Remote scheduling and management is included in the software package at no extra charge • Versatile sensor allows three types of display for the price of one: floor projection, wall projection and backlit screen projection (for a stunning active-touch screen effect) HoloAD is a new medium that turns video files to a floating, moving 3D image encased within a glass pyramid. So whether you want to install it in a trade show, museum, shop window, product launch event, chic party or anywhere else, the creative possibilities are limitless. Key Features- • Four different sizes of unit to choose from: 19", 24", 32", 42" • Custom sizes can also be built on request • Plug and play: all you need is a pre-loaded video on a memory card • No training, additional equipment or software needed • 180-degree viewing allows for a stunning range of attraction • Other objects can also be housed in the projection pyramid allowing incredible product demonstration or similar • The unit’s compact size means it is portable and can be installed just about anywhere • Each HoloAD comes with its own Flight Case (for handy and safe transportation and storage) Please check www.interactivead.co.uk/holoadexamples.html for the newest diamond series HoloAD. About Us interactiveAd supplies projection technology for advertising, events, trade shows, educational purposes and many more creative uses. Our products have received a number of awards and been sold around the world for over five years. If you are interested in it, please email us at info@interactiveAd.co.uk. Our manager will get back to you as soon as possible. </body>